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Muskoka Region

"After 15 years in technology, Joe Harry refinanced his condo and “maxed out pretty much everything” to create an app that makes it “ridiculously easy” to shop local and buy Black worldwide."

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"We are thrilled to announce a partnership with Joe Harry, the founder of the RealOnes app and a beneficiary of the BBPA BAIDS program... This collaboration is our commitment to fostering equity and opportunity within the Black community."

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Blog TO

"There are plenty of Black-owned businesses and restaurants in Toronto, but sometimes it can be hard to find verified ones and also scout out smaller businesses in your area. RealOnes by Toronto-based Global Black Alliance is a free app you can carry around with you on your phone that shows Black-owned businesses by proximity."

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Toronto Guardian

"RealOnes is a distinctive GPS app recognized for helping people find and support Black, Indigenous and allied businesses. The free app is more than just a mobile directory."

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