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Discover, Connect, Thrive – RealOnes is more than an app; it's your guide to supporting Black-owned businesses and fostering a global alliance for positive change.


It's free to list your business and to search on RealOnes so what are you waiting for?


Search for Black Owned, Black Woman Owned, or even by country of origin. Find your community no matter where you are in the world.


From Indigenous Peoples to our White Allies, have confidence that the companies you shop with invest in anti-racism.


Get a note when your favourite companies are having a sale, or set up a new location. Know when shoppers subscribe to your business.







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Benefits of Using The RealOnes App


Streamlined access with one-click login. Use your Google or Apple ID to sign in hassle-free, without the need to remember yet another password. RealOnes prioritizes security using industry-standard practices.


Connect with communities globally. Whether you're supporting Black-owned businesses or building bridges with our allies, RealOnes ensures your choices align with anti-racist values.


Curate your favorites effortlessly. Create lists of preferred restaurants, music venues, contractors, accountants, or spa and salons. Your choices contribute to supporting the local community, both at home and while traveling.

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Unveiling Our Story and Values

About Us

Discover the roots of RealOnes, our journey, and the principles that drive us. From the inception of the Global Black Alliance to our commitment to raising the bar of excellence, this is where you delve into the heart and soul of RealOnes. Learn about our mission, vision, and the true alliance we're building for global equity and growth.

  • Respect Above All: Every voice matters.
  • Constant Growth: Strive for understanding, innovation, and inclusion.
  • Excellence as the Bare Minimum: Set the standard high, always.
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Years Experience

Stay Informed and Inspired

Stay in the loop with the latest news and features about RealOnes. Explore press releases, media coverage, and captivating stories that highlight our impact and journey. From milestone achievements to collaborations and community engagements, this page keeps you informed and inspired by the positive changes we're making.


How to Join?

For Individuals
For Businesses
For Individuals

Embark on a journey of discovery and support for local businesses around you. As a member, enjoy exclusive access to discounts, events, and personalized recommendations tailored to your preferences. RealOnes is your GPS for discovering the best in your community.

For Businesses

Elevate your business visibility and attract new customers with RealOnes. Joining opens doors to a platform where your business can thrive. Benefit from increased exposure, connect with a broader audience, and participate in promotional initiatives. Let RealOnes boost your local impact and bring new opportunities to your doorstep.

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How do you define Black Owned?

At least 51% of the business is owned by a Black person

Is my information secure?


The GBA has invested as much into RealOnes' security as it has any other aspect of the platform. We use industry level encryption, code scanning, top tier service providers to keep your information secure. While risk can never truly be eliminated, we are doing our absolute best.

I have a home business can I still be listed on RealOnes?


We keep the exact address of home businesses private but your business will show up in your neighbourhood/city/town so that locals know you exist and can engage with you through your contact channels.

Is the business application process the same for everyone?

Yes.  All applicants are held to the same standards and answer the same questions.

Are there any exceptions to what businesses can be listed on RealOnes?

Multi-level marketing companies and houses of worship will not be listed on RealOnes, as well as any criminal organizations or companies that profit from criminal activity. We also reserve a right to remove any company as per our Terms of Use.

RealOnes' Blog

Engage with Stories, Spotlights, and Insights

The heartbeat of RealOnes lies in our blog. Engage with captivating stories, business spotlights, and thought-provoking insights. Whether you're interested in learning more about the businesses showcased on the app or gaining a deeper understanding of our mission, the blog is your go-to source for staying connected with the RealOnes community.

Business Spotlights
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Business Spotlights
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Navigating RealOnes
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RealOnes Insider
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Explore the different ways you can make a meaningful impact. Our Donate/Invest page offers options beyond traditional contributions. Consider turning your support into a strategic investment for communities that need it most. From donations to innovative investment opportunities, find a path that aligns with your commitment to positive change.

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