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Transform Your Support into Impactful Investment

Welcome to RealOnes' Donate/Invest page, where your contribution becomes a catalyst for positive change. Explore various 

ways to invest and support the communities that need it most.


Is RealOnes or GBA a non-profit?

No. We are for profit company providing a free service.

Do I get a tax receipt for my contributions?

No.  The GBA is unable to provide a tax receipt for any contributions as it is a for profit company. We are hoping that you will give anyway, not because of the kickback at tax time, but because you believe in the work that we're doing and the change we're hoping to bring with our operating model.

What does GBA do with the donations?

Webhosting, analytics, compensating our volunteers, cyber security, and enhancement projects. We’re also trying to recoup the personal investment into start-up costs as well as ensuring that at least 10% of all earnings is invested right back into the community via official non-profit organizations.

How else can I support if I can’t donate?

By telling every single business owner and person you know. You can help by downloading and using the app and engaging on all our social media. Like. Follow. Subscribe.